Monday, October 20, 2014

Women in Tech: an interview with Polly Clavijo

Women in Tech: an interview with Polly Clavijo:

3 Polly Clavijo

Polly is the COO and co-founder of Revolution Group.  She started the company 20 years ago along with her business partner, Rick Snide, and has since added another partner, Mike Ravagnani.  Revolution Group now has three business units and 65 employees.

Describe your experience in HTG.
Revolution Group joined HTG15 in 2008.  We were part of HTG15 until mid-2013 when we moved to HTG1.  The larger company focus of HTG1 better suits our more complex environment.  That’s when I got more involved.  In a short amount of time I’ve developed strong relationships and have been motivated, encouraged, and challenged.  The magic of an HTG peer group is that every member genuinely wants the other members to be wildly successful and is willing to help in whatever way they can.
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