Thursday, October 23, 2014

No matter the job, women don’t want to work in tech -- FORTUNE

The tech industry can no longer use the education excuse to explain the shortage of women working in the field, according to a new study.

“It’s a pipeline problem.”
That’s what many tech industry executives say when asked why there are so few women working in their field. More women need to graduate with STEM-related degreesbefore the gender gap will be solved, they’ll add at the end of their excuse.
Yet a new study conducted by Catalyst shows that plenty of women are graduating with technical degrees – they just don’t want to work in the tech industry. Looking specifically at the gender divide in business roles within the tech industry, the nonprofit found that while 75% of MBA grads have a tech background, only 36% return to tech-intensive industries — like oil and gas or energy – after completing their MBA. Women MBAs are less likely than men to enter these industries to start, and they are more likely to leave tech-intensive industries quickly.
“We found that no matter the job, these companies are a particular difficult place for women to work in,” said Catalyst’s research director and the study’s author Anna Beninger.

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