Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Girls Who Code

Girls Who Code:

Miranda Chaiken, Aida Piccato and Sunnam Quispe are seniors at Stuyvesant High School and the creators of NYC Happenings. Their site, which guides users to events, is powered by The New York Times Event Listings API and searchable by genre and borough. They explained that they found themselves doing the same activities every day and decided to build a functional website as a cure for their boredom. While all three have taken computer science classes at Stuyvesant’s prestigious computer science program, they attended the Girls Who Code Club at Twitter’s headquarters to hone their programming skills.

Already comfortable with Python and with some HTML experience, but new to Javascript and CSS, they built the site using Bootstrap and Flask, figuring out what they needed as they went along. Ms. Chaiken, Ms. Piccato and Ms. Quispe chose The Times’s API because it was free and easy to use. They found themselves relying on the documentation and hope to expand the site to use more information from the API, as well as additional data sources. For more, check out You can follow Ms. Quispe at @konceq or find her on GitHub.

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