Friday, October 24, 2014

Facebook, Box, Pinterest Launch Women Mentorships - DICE

Facebook, Box, Pinterest Launch Women Mentorships:


Over the summer, a handful of tech giants released diversity reports that showed their respective companies weren’t diverse at all, with white males occupying the majority of positions from the engineering ranks to the C-suite. At Apple, Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Yahoo, males constituted 80 percent or more of employees.

After that data became public, many of these companies vowed to do better. “I’m not satisfied with the numbers… They’re not new to us, and we’ve been working hard for quite some time to improve them,” Apple CEO Tim Cook wrote in a statement at the time.

Now Facebook, Pinterest, and Box have taken things another step further, with a mentorship program titled “Women Entering and Staying in Tech” (also known as WEST). According to a posting on Box’s website, WEST is “aimed at early to mid-career women in technical roles including: engineering, product management, operations, design, and web development.” Mentors for the program will come from the aforementioned companies.

There are some caveats: The initial program is only available in the Bay Area, and the companies haven’t revealed how many mentee slots they’ll open in 2015. Those interested in the 1:1 mentorships can apply at the WEST website.

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