Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Where Are All the Women Execs?

Where Are All the Women Execs?:

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How many U.S. companies have at least one female executive on staff? According to a new report from marketing-data company Infogroup Targeting Solutions, a mere 27 percent fit that description.

The one region bucking that trend is the San Francisco Bay Area, where Palo Alto, Menlo Park, and Emeryville all boast higher percentages of women executives. “Silicon Valley is actually faring really well [in] comparison to the balance of the U.S.,” Andrea Haldeman, Infogroup’s senior vice president of sales, told Fortune magazine. The study looked at companies with at least 10 employees, in cities with at least 100 companies.

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Among the nation’s tech giants, women still make up a minority of employees. Earlier this year, Yahoo, Google, Facebook, and other firms all released diversity reports that suggested men make up the substantial majority of their respective corporate ranks. At Yahoo, for example, women constituted 37 percent of the company’s global workforce; at Google, the number was 30 percent.

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And it’s not just the C-suite: Whereas women make up 47 percent of the total workforce, they’re only 20 percent of all software developers. Although many tech executives have blamed the education system for the lack of women entering highly technical industries, some analysts and pundits place the blame squarely on company cultures and lack of mentorship for women.

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